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Apologetics Press Articles: Public Education

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Christian Families and Public Education Eric Lyons, M.Min. 9/12/2016
God, the Founders, and the Purpose of Human Government Dave Miller, Ph.D. 9/1/2016
Homosexuality and Public Education Eric Lyons, M.Min. 10/31/2011
Illegal to Teach American History—in America? Dave Miller, Ph.D. 12/20/2004
Introducing Homosexuality To Kids Eric Lyons, M.Min. 2/18/2008
School Refuses Lottery Funds Dave Miller, Ph.D. 10/18/2004
Schoolbooks, Easter Eggs, and Homosexuality Dave Miller, Ph.D. 6/1/2006
Sex Education Gone Crazy Eric Lyons, M.Min. 7/25/2005
Swapping Bibles for Pornography Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/1/2006
The Purpose of Education Dave Miller, Ph.D. 7/1/2007
The Real Problem with American Public Education Dave Miller, Ph.D. 10/20/2008
The Silencing of God (#4): Public Education--Audio Dave Miller, Ph.D.
The Silencing of God (#4): Public Education--Video Dave Miller, Ph.D.
What the Founders Said [Part I] Dave Miller, Ph.D. 8/1/2010